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The Christensen Family Art Gallery offers 120 linear feet of exhibit space in a central community location with thousands of visitors each month. It is the Library’s goal to present a diverse Middleton community with artwork and exhibitions that reflect a wide range of views, expressions, interests, and mediums.
   Andreas Friedl – Landscape Photography
Witnessing a sunrise in the desert, wading through a cascading creek, watching the Milky Way in the mountains – those are my happy times and happy places.  While taking a decent image that captures the mood of time and place is definitely my goal, I am also perfectly happy just spending time in nature and returning without “the shot.” 

My photographic journey began in 1976 when I bought a 35mm film camera for a family vacation to the USA from my native Germany.  For a few decades while raising a family and building a career as a pathologist and cancer researcher at the UW, photography faded into the background.  After purchasing my first digital camera about two decades ago, my love for photography was rekindled and I spent more time not only improving technical skills but also working on composition and design.  Recently,  I have gravitated more and more towards landscape photography.   

This exhibit contains some of my personal favorite images from the past few years.  Some of the pictures shown here were taken during travels to far-away places but most are from the US including the upper Midwest.  I hope you’ll enjoy the show. 
Andreas Friedl 


The 2023 Call for Art applications will be available in the Fall of 2022.

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