Middleton Public Library
Address: 7425 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: 608-831-5564     Email: info@midlibrary.org
Christensen Family Art Gallery offers 120 linear feet of exhibit space in the Middleton Public Library. It is the Library’s goal to present a diverse Middleton community with artwork and exhibitions that reflect a wide range of views, expressions, interests, and mediums. Preference is given to local artists.
   Inner Nature  Curated by Abrahm Gutherie
Symbolic animals have been with humans since we first drew on cave walls. They inhabit our psyche from thousands of years of living together; they rest quietly in the letters of the alphabet; and they are still present in our lives. Each artist in this exhibition is involved in their own investigation into the animal world.
Works by:

Abrahm Gutherie

Max Hauntala

Claire Kellesvig

Tom Mascari

Lesley Numbers

Kassandra Palmer

Claire Kellsvig
Animals act on instinct. They are who they are without pretense. This is the ultimate inspiration for my art practice.

Tom Mascari
My work is a collision of contemporary animal folklore and non-digital augmented reality. It seeks to make us ‘spoor conscious’ – removing the illusion that our surroundings are without wildlife simply because we never noticed. For those of us bold enough to speculate, you may be able to visualize the animals themselves and in your imagination actually ‘see’ them by reconstructing their movements from their footprints and through photo evidence of what happened when no one was looking.

Kassandra Palmer
The year is 2023. So many of the things we share space and time with are so intensely processed and far removed from their origins. It can be easy to think of the world as being divided between the natural and the manmade. In my paintings and drawings, I tend to reject the idea that nature is so distinct from human nature. As a way of hoping and as a way of remembering, I often depict possible relationships between plants, animals, and people – some that I have felt myself and some that I have only imagined.