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Summer Digital Escape Room: Week 1

Monday June 1     

Sign-up Required
(event is over)

Test your puzzle-solving skills with a new Escape Room each week. Work together or on your own! Register to receive the online link. Saying "yes" to "every week" registers you for the entire summer. Week 1: A Map to Camp (gr K-1) We are trying to find our way to the campsite but parts of our map are missing! We must find the missing pieces so we can read our map and go camping! Week 1: Legend of the Missing Compass Rose (gr 2-5) The Dastardly "Bad Laditude" is the Prime Suspect in stealing the Legendary Compass Rose Quartz! Can you help Agent Carter Graffer locate his hideout and retrieve the stolen jewel, using clues left by the villain, before he gets away?!


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