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Summer Digital Escape Room: Week 4

Monday June 22     

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(event is over)

Test your puzzle-solving skills with a new Escape Room each week. Work together or on your own! Register to receive the online link. Saying "yes" to "every week" registers you for the entire summer. Week 4: Alien Organization (gr K) The planet Geometra has just sustained a small earthquake. All of the Shapeterians that live on the planet have had their belongings in their homes and businesses scattered all over the place. Can you help them quickly get everything back in its place so they can continue on with their everyday activities? Week 4: Alien Space Race (gr 4) You are an astronaut traveling through space with your fleet of ships, and you have just been challenged to a space race by a group of aliens passing by in their own spaceships! Work quickly with your crew to get your ship ready and accept this challenge! After all, you don’t want to lose to a bunch of aliens!


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