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Summer Digital Escape Room: Week 5

Monday, June 29     Add this event to your calendar
Location: Online
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Test your puzzle-solving skills with a new Escape Room each week. Work together or on your own! Register to receive the online link. Saying "yes" to "every week" registers you for the entire summer.

Week 5: A Perfect Habitat (gr K) A group of animals needs to find a place to live. They need your help to find the perfect habitat for them to find food and survive. Travel with them and solve the puzzles to help get them home!

Week 5: A Visit to the Zoo (gr 2) Today is a beautiful day and you and your family decided to visit the zoo. You have a lot of exhibits you want to see. Can you visit all of them before the zoo closes?

Week 5: American Scramble (gr 5) Crash! You weren't looking where you were going and crashed into your history teacher. His papers went flying everywhere; now they are all mixed up. Can you help him sort out the people, places, and events from the American Revolutionary War?