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Summer Digital Escape Room: Week 6

Thursday July 9     

Sign-up Required
(event is over)

Test your puzzle-solving skills with a new Escape Room each week. Work together or on your own! Register to receive the online link. Saying "yes" to "every week" registers you for the entire summer. Week 6: World of Rules (gr K-1) Rules, rules, rules! There are rules everywhere I go! I want to know why there are rules in many places. I need your help to figure this out! Week 6: Array Blaster (gr 2) The nearby arcade is having an Array Blaster tournament and you are in the final round. Can you achieve the highest score of all time? Week 6: All the Small Things (gr 5) Why is it that Einstein gets an element named after him? Fermi? Nobel? Mendeleev? Who were these people to get their names permanently enshrined in an element? If you were to discover a new element, then you could name it! This can't be too hard, right?


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