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Fall Digital Escape Rooms: Week 2

Monday, September 21, at 9:00am    Add this event to your calendar
Location: Online
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Test your puzzle-solving skills with a new Escape Room each week.  Work together or on your own!  

New for the Fall Session: Weekly Prizes and a Grand Prize Drawing! Submit the correct answers to any one of the escape rooms for that week to be entered into a Weekly Prize Drawing. For every week you submit a set of correct answers, you'll also get one entry into the Grand Prize Drawing. While you can only win the weekly prize once, each time you submit correct answers gets you another chance at the Grand Prize Drawing - so keep those answers coming!

Register to receive the online link. Saying "yes" to "every week" registers you for the entire Fall. Opt out or rejoin at any time.

Week 2: Bug Bugaloo (Elementary)
The bugs are soooo excited! The first Bug Boogaloo Dance party is about to begin. They have been working on their cool dance moves, and are ready to rock n roll. The only problem is the dance music is locked up and we certainly cannot show off our best bug boogaloo moves without music! The Dance Party begins soon, so hurry and Breakout the Boogaloo!

Week 2: All About Keyla (Elementary)
Welcome back to school! The best part about a new school year is getting to know each other! We can’t wait to learn more about each and every one of you! Our friend Keyla, who we will get to play games with several times this year, will start things off. She has created some puzzles, and when we collaborate, we will learn some fun facts about Keyla!

Week 2: Big Bro, What Do You Know? (Gr. 5)
“Ok, so you figured out all my puzzles,” says your little brother. “Can you stump me, Mr. Smartypants?” It’s on. Topic: Water on Earth