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Summer Digital Escape Room: Week 1

Monday, June 14, at 9:00am    Add this event to your calendar
Location: Online
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Weekly Digital Escape Rooms: Summer Session (Grades K-5)
June 14 – August 13
Test your puzzle-solving skills with a new escape room sent to you via email each week. Weekly Prizes and a Grand-Prize Drawing! All participants must register to receive the online links even if you participated in previous sessions.

Week 1 (June 14 - 20)

Investigation of the Past (K-1)
I have always been curious about how people lived long ago. I want to learn more by doing an investigation! Come with me to learn more about the past!

Fishing Fiasco (Gr. 2)
You and your friend want fish for dinner so you decide to go out to the local lake to catch some. There is a storm heading in your direction. Can you quickly catch some fish and get back to the dock before the storm hits?

How Much is that Doggie (Gr. 2-3)
You and your mom were shopping at the mall last week when you noticed the most adorable puppies in the pet store window. You have always wanted a dog, and now you can’t stop thinking of that cute little face. Do your research about owning a dog, so you can approach your mom with the details of why you should go get that puppy! 

Donut Shop Decimals (Gr. 4-5)
You have been hired to work at your Uncle Joe’s donut shop, Joe’s Donuts & Joe. Make it through your first day to earn your pay—all the donuts you can eat!