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Summer Digital Escape Room: Week 7

Monday, July 26, at 9:00am    Add this event to your calendar
& Monday August 2 at 9:00am  ; Add this event to your calendar

Location: Online
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Weekly Digital Escape Rooms: Summer Session (Grades K-5)
June 14 – August 13
Test your puzzle-solving skills with a new escape room sent to you via email each week. Weekly Prizes and a Grand-Prize Drawing! All participants must register to receive the online links even if you participated in previous sessions.

Week 7 (July 26 – August 1)

Down on the Farm (Gr. 1)
Farmer Joe has so many plants and animals on his farm. He loves to watch the plants grow and see how the animals take care of their little ones.

Hungry Henry (Gr. 1-5)
Henry is hungry, but he hasn’t always made the best choices when it comes to nutrition. He needs your help in choosing the right foods so he can be healthy and strong.

Glorious Glacier Park Camp (Gr. 3-12)
The day has finally arrived for you to attend a week long camp at Glacier National Park. You arrive at the camp to find it locked. This isn’t what you were expecting. You look down and see that the camp leaders have left clues for you to solve. Solve these clues to get into the Glorious Glacier Park Camp.

Factory Machine Mishaps (Gr. 4)
Someone (or someTHING) is tinkering with the machines and assembly line equipment causing lots of mayhem in the factory. Work with your Sleuth Club mates to figure out what is behind all these mishaps so the factory can run efficiently again.