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Fall Digital Escape Rooms: Week 9

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Fall Weekly Digital Escape Rooms (Grades K-5)
October 4 – December 10
Test your puzzle-solving skills with new escape rooms sent to you via email each week. Work on the escape room of your choice whenever it is convenient for you! Reply to the email with your answers to be entered into the weekly and grand prize drawings!

Week 9 (November 29 – December 5) 

The Dragon Breath Curse (Kindergarten)
All of the dragons in the kingdom have been cursed with fire breath!  This has made all of the people afraid to be around the dragons and has made the dragons very sad.  The curse can only be lifted by getting a magical flower that when the dragons eat it will make their fire breath disappear for good.  The only problem is that the magical flower can only be found in the rainbow forest, which is very hard to find.  The people need your help to find the magical flower so the dragons can get rid of their fire breath for good! 

Workout Woes (Grade 2)
You just finished your daily workout routine and realized you lost the key to your locker. Retrace your steps from your workout routine to see where you left it.

Wave Hello to the Ocean (Grade 4)
Seth is trying to learn to surf.  After his first unsuccessful try, he is realizing he needs to know a lot more about waves before he tries again!  Help him use the resources around him to find out what he needs to know!

The Matter Hatter Returns! (Grades 4-9)
The Matter Hatter has returned to once again change all of the states of matter! This time, he is trying to trap the world by making everything rock solid. Can you break his codes before the world turns to stone?