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Fall Digital Escape Rooms: Week 10

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Fall Weekly Digital Escape Rooms (Grades K-5)
October 4 – December 10
Test your puzzle-solving skills with new escape rooms sent to you via email each week. Work on the escape room of your choice whenever it is convenient for you! Reply to the email with your answers to be entered into the weekly and grand prize drawings!

Week 10 (December 6 – 12) – LAST WEEK OF FALL ESCAPE ROOMS

The Marble Machine (Kindergarten)
You want to make marbles move from one side of the table to the other using pushes and pulls. You built something great. Now you must test each part to see if it really works! 

Water, Water Everywhere (Grades 1-4)
Brrrr….It’s a snow day and you’re home from school. As you watch the snow settle to the ground through the front window, you begin drifting to sleep. You think about warmer days of beach and sun, forgetting about the upcoming test on the water cycle. Your dream begins to take shape as you envision the sun and the surf and you can almost hear the sound of the waves. 

The Mysterious Attic Key (Grades 4-5)
It is a rainy and blustery evening and you are stuck inside. You and your family recently moved into town. In the midst of the big move, you remember observing a mysterious doorway leading up to the attic. You ascend the stairs slowly. When you get to the top you see something glimmering in the distance. A key! What does it unlock? Time to see if you can find out!

The Mystery of “Lock-ness” (Grades 3-6)
You are visiting your Uncle who is a little eccentric. One day you discover a hidden room filled with information on the mysterious local legend - "The Lock-Ness!" Can you decipher what is fact and what is fiction to determine the truth?