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Winter Digital Escape Rooms, Week 2

Monday, January 17, at 9:00am    Add this event to your calendar
Location: Virtual
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Winter Weekly Digital Escape Rooms (Grades K-5)
January 10 – March 11

Test your puzzle-solving skills with new escape rooms sent to you via email each week. Work on the escape room of your choice whenever it is convenient for you! Reply to the email with your answers to be entered into the weekly and grand prize drawings!

Week 2 (January 17 - 23)

Teddy Bear Mix Up (Kindergarten – Gr. 1)
It was Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day and the kids had so much fun. The day is almost over and as everyone is packing up they realized their teddy bears are all mixed-up. No one can remember which bear belongs to them. These clues will help them sort the Teddy Bears. Help them find the right bears before the bell rings.

The Book Report (Kindergarten – Gr. 1)
The famous Breakout Book Report Fair is in town and four of your friends get to present at it! There are so many amazing presentations to choose from but you want to make sure you visit your friend's presentations before the fair is over. 

School Daze (Elementary)
What happened? You clicked on the wrong link, and now nothing makes sense.  The room is mixed up and a mess! You need to break free of this School Daze and get your day back on track!

Out of This World Measurements (Gr. 1-4)
Your spaceship has crash landed on a strange planet that SORT OF looks like Earth - but isn’t. They don’t use rulers. Instead they use everyday objects to measure things and in order to get the part to fix your crashed ship, you’ll have to help the aliens with their measurements. Solve the locks to earn funds to get your ship fixed and back in space.

Video Game Challenge (Gr. 3-9)
It’s a dream come true! An ultimate gaming competition has come to your town, and your school has signed up to host the event. You finally get to play video games at school and show your friends that you are an awesome gamer! What’s even more exciting, the topic of the games is Poetry. You know everything about poetry so you are ready to leave the competition in your dust. Put on your gaming shoes, and get ready for this epic adventure in gaming - poetry style!

Tricky Travel (Middle School)
You are so excited! Your bags are packed, You are ready to go, but your ticket is locked up! Apparently before you can take off, you need to tackle a few tricky puzzles to collect that treasured ticket!