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RESCHEDULED 'Tween Book Club: Ham Helsing

Monday, March 27, at 6:00pm    Add this event to your calendar
Location: In the downstairs Archer Room (through the lobby stairwell)
Registration Required
(event is over)

'Tween Book Club: Ham Helsing (Ages 9-12)

**Rescheduled for Wednesday, March 29, 6pm**

Get a book - read a book - discuss a book! 

Ham Helsing is the descendant of a long line of adventurers and monster hunters. Ham has always been the odd pig out, preferring to paint or write poetry instead of inventing new ways to catch dangerous creatures.

His brother Chad was the daredevil carrying on the family legacy of leaping before looking, but after his death, it’s down to Ham. Reluctantly, he sets out on his first assignment, to hunt a vampire. But Ham soon learns that people aren’t always what they seem and that you need a good team around you to help save your bacon!