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   Landscape Not Landscape - Carolyn Knorr
Artist Biography

Carolyn Knorr is a visual artist whose work is deeply rooted in her commitment to conservation, preservation, and stewardship of the built and natural environment.

Motifs, or recurring themes or patterns that appear in her work are quiet contemplation, reverence for the land, mystery, and rebirth through the actions of restoration and rejuvenation. These identifiers are informed by her experience in the field as a burn team member and as a designer of large urban public spaces.

My portfolio, "landscape not landscape" explores what it means to see landscapes in a non-traditional way. Through the lens of my camera, I have created images representing my four-year participation as a prescribed burn team member in southern Wisconsin.

Using imaging software, I reinterpret the landscape images to create a visual challenge for the viewer. After printing, the images are adorned with liquid gold leaf. This adds an element of preciousness to the image and emphasizes the preciousness of these disappearing landscape forms.

Life, death, rebirth, and resilience are the underlying metaphors in this project. While the images are about prescribed burns, they are not about fire.

Utilizing ambiguity to obscure time and place, the images will take you into a world of your own interpretation. This also allows the viewer an opportunity to develop their own relationship within the context of their personal experiences on the land and in nature.
Some images have representational elements, obscured by smoke or fire, leaving the viewer to interpret an unidentifiable sense of place. Any place, but no place. A geography of nowhere.

There are many emotions that are attached to fire. In the book, "The Psychoanalysis of Fire" Gaston Bachelard talks about the feelings of warmth, shelter, and romance in additional to the signals of danger, death, and destruction. Conversations about fire also circle around the cycles of life. There is a dichotomy of love and hate with fire. In the world of prescribed burns, it is seen as beneficial. To strengthen the native plants, but to destroy the invaders.

My intention with this work is to heighten awareness of the importance of land stewardship and conservation. By creating images in a nontraditional way, I challenge the viewer to look closer and see these landscapes with new eyes.