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Christensen Family Art Gallery offers 120 linear feet of exhibit space in the Middleton Public Library. It is the Library’s goal to present a diverse Middleton community with artwork and exhibitions that reflect a wide range of views, expressions, interests, and mediums. Preference is given to local artists.
   Jennifer Peters, Artist Statement:
Welcome to my world of expressive photography. I consider myself an expressive photographer and I share my soul through my art……my truth of art. I depict representations of nature in a more subjective, expressive manner. Striving to emotionally engage the viewer to interpret my images in a very personal and emotional way is a journey that I love and respect. Paul Cezanne said it best, “Art is a harmony paralleled to nature”.

I become my camera and the images reflect my view and deep love of nature. My greatest wish is for these images to open a world that people never knew existed. I explore the intricate nuances of natural forms by allowing the camera’s lens to awaken our tastes for wanting to see the inner beauty in detail. I capture these delicate fragments in nature as abstract forms of art. I believe that within a dewdrop the oceans reside.

With modern photography, capturing the world we see is simple. Observing and selecting what we choose to document is the challenge. Given that each person brings their unique life experience and perspective to what they see thrills me. Each photograph I present means something unique to each observer.

I have chosen to display my images on canvas as a photographic medium. The textured surface brings out the very detailed version of what I feel and see when shooting. While admiring the a sunset reflected in the water, observing the aquatic life from my kayak or the effervescence of a small tidal pool or dew on leaf, I try to bring that essence for others to see and experience. Allow me to share with you what has been overlooked. I can see things that the naked eye cannot. I can capture in that instance a color or light source that will be gone in the next blink of an eye.

Jennifer Peters is an award-winning photographer and lives in Middleton, WI. She has taught French in the MMSD for 30 years and has retired in 2010 from teaching. She has travelled extensively and has devoted her life to documenting her world travels by highlighting the inner beauty of our natural world. As a global photographer she has captured an abundance of intriguing images. Her BFA and Master of Arts degrees substantiate her educational background and insight to her work. All this resulted in her inquisitive perspective on the essence of life. She focuses on the beginnings – the images behind the scenery, the hidden exuberance of nature. Jennifer brings to the forefront what most eyes miss.

Jennifer Peters, Expressive Photographer