● Welcome!  Anyone living in the WISCONSIN South Central Library System service area may apply, and your new card will work at all 65 public libraries.

● To avoid account duplication and verification, we are unable to renew or update existing accounts with this online form. So, if you already have a card, and it expired, or you lost it, or your address changed, or you forgot your PIN, please call 608-827-7401 during our operating hours.

● If you already have a card from another member library, you can use it at the Middleton Public Library, and don't need to re-apply.

● A valid email address is needed to apply online.

● After submitting the online form below, you will be emailed a validation link to the email address provided.

● After your email is validated, you will be sent your account number within 24 hours.  This will be your barcode number on your library card.

● You can use this number right away to reserve items from our online catalog.  Items placed on hold can be picked up through our curbside service or during open hours after you receive notification they are ready for you.

● You can also use this number to immediately access our members only online databases and resources, including Overdrive Ebooks.

● We will mail your your new card within 7-10 days.  However, you can still place holds and pick up them up without your physical card.

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By submitting this form, you agree to our Acceptance of Responsibility:

● I will be responsible for all materials checked out on this card, including materials checked out by others with or without my consent, unless I have previously reported the loss of my card.

● I will report a lost or stolen card, or any change of personal information (name, address, phone, email), immediately.

● I will comply with all library rules and policies.

● I understand that there will be charges for overdue, lost, damaged and stolen library materials.

● I understand that the library provides access to a broad range or resources and that it is my responsibility to judge for myself and for my children or minor dependents what resources are appropriate for my/our personal use.

Visit www.midlibrary.org/LibraryCards for more information.