Linda and Bruce Christensen

Linda and Bruce Christensen, sponsors of the new Art Gallery on the library's main level.

"For me, the Middleton library has always felt like the hub at the center of our community. On a personal level, it has not only provided me with an endless supply of literary material but it has allowed me to develop new friendships and participate in enlightening group book discussions as well," said Linda.

"To this day, when I see young children come to choose books in the library I have to smile remembering the countless number of children's books my grandson and I checked out weekly almost two decades ago. Bruce and I chose to support the Next Chapter project because we felt it was important to make more art available to the community. It made sense that the library would be the perfect setting to showcase art, specifically because it offers free and equal access to everyone. We look forward to viewing the different collections the library presents for all of us to share."

Thanks again to Linda and Bruce for their generous donation to help create this vibrant space! Visit the exhibit page at

Anne Daugherty-Leiter & Family

Anne Daugherty-Leiter and her family generously donated to the Next Chapter Fund for the Youth Services Area in honor of Anne's mother, Margaret Daugherty (pictured). Anne has vivid memories of her children using this space when they were young. "I wanted there to be a beautiful and engaging spot for children and their caregivers," she said. "I'm so happy to help with that while honoring my mom."

Margaret was a special education teacher for many years and eventually retired as a superintendent in Long Island, New York. She grew up in the Bronx, moved to Long Island to raise her family, and then to Wisconsin in 2008 to be with her grandchildren. She has been instrumental in instilling a love of reading in countless children, including her three grandkids. Margaret often takes her grandchildren to story time, followed by a trip to Hubbard Avenue Diner. She loves accompanying them to activities at the library and checking out armfuls of books.

Thanks again to the Daugherty-Leiter family for their gift to the Next Chapter campaign.

Deborah and David Penn

Deborah and David Penn, sponsors of a study room on the library's lower level.

David grew up on the west side of Madison and concentrated his career on antitrust economics and electric power supply. Deborah grew up in Connecticut, received a masters in library science at the University of Maryland, and worked in a variety of library roles. They moved to Middleton in 2011, in part because they love the Dane County area and see Middleton as an especially welcoming and thriving community.

The Penns donated to the Middleton Public Library because they see it operating as a hub of the city that supports community activities. They are both avid readers, have attended many lectures at the library, use the reference materials, and have checked out hundreds of books and DVDs. Deborah and David note that they are impressed with Library Director Jocelyne Sansing and feel that the library system is well-run, active, and forward-looking.

The Penns believe it is important to invest in human capital, and support the library's role in doing this by encouraging reading. Remembering her years studying in school, Deborah especially appreciates the value of rooms offering quiet and solitude for studying.

Thanks again to the Penns for their study room sponsorship as part of the Next Chapter campaign!

Ron and Pat Paska

Ron and Pat Paska are sponsors of a new outdoor bench in the front garden. Pat notes, "I support and encourage access to the library, which plays an important role in the community. It doesn't matter if one is wealthy or not, one has access to the books and offerings of the library. The Middleton Public Library does a great job in meeting the needs of the people of the community."

Pat Breunig Paska grew up in Middleton when it was a small village and remembers it as a sleepy little town. She lived in a house at the corner of Elmwood and Bristol and was just blocks away from the Middleton Public Library, which was then part of Village Hall. Her earliest and fondest memories of using the library were the creaky floors and steps. She watched the library grow and has many great memories of it over the years.

Pat and Ron lived in Middleton for about 20 years, moved to Ashton, and then moved to Madison, where they both now live. They are impressed with the variety of offerings available at the library, as well as the role that the library continues to play in the lives of Middleton and area citizens.

Thanks to the Paskas for their generous sponsorship of a new outdoor bench!

Carol Klukaczweski

Carol Klukaczweski, sponsor of a study room in memory of her mother-in-law, Kathryn Newton (pictured).

"When I first heard about the Next Chapter campaign of the library, I knew I wanted to contribute," said Carol. "I have loved libraries ever since I was a kid growing up in a working class family in Detroit. We couldn't afford to buy many books so the library became my go to place. I can still remember my excitement as I picked the maximum five books and took my haul up to the library desk."

"When I moved to Middleton, the library continued to be important to me. Besides access to books, I have attended lectures, used study rooms for projects, and helped supervise Girl Scout meetings . I wanted to support the library, and I was also looking for a way to honor my deceased mother-in-law, Kathryn Newton."

"Kay was a dedicated community volunteer her entire life. She participated in a range of activities such as International Students, PBS fund raising, staffing the Global Express, and years of tutoring elementary students. If there was something that needed to be done, Kay was always there, quietly lending a hand. As a former teacher, her love of learning stayed with her, and library books for her children were always available. I am honored to sponsor a study room in her memory."

What a wonderful tribute! Thank you, Carol for your study room sponsorship.

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Kanne

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Kanne, sponsors of a Youth Services Area memorial in honor of Elizabeth’s mother Palmour Holmes McIntire Dodd (pictured).

"My family has been in Middleton over 11 years and we have been homeschooling all that time," said Elizabeth. "This took a normal book-loving family and put us over the top in terms of library usage! We love our Middleton library so much."

Over the past year, she said, "We have gotten lots and lots of books out for fun (used Librarian’s choice!) and for National History Day research, I’ve attended a program on library database research, and my sixth grader has been doing the Teen craft club. Not to mention my oldest child is doing college from home this year and was able to pick back up working at the library. The story walks certainly enhanced downtown Middleton, too."

Elizabeth told us that growing up, her mother "always surrounded us with books, and she did the same for her grandchildren.' She said that librarians at their local public library in Georgia knew her mother so well that they would call her when new books arrived. This memorial gift "seemed like the ideal way for us to have a way to remember my mother here. Nothing would make her happier than getting more books to more children!"

Thanks again to Elizabeth, Jeffrey, and the entire Kanne family. This sponsorship of the Youth Services Area will help to provide a safe learning area for children of all ages and their caregivers, as well as add new dual seating, new furniture, and Play and Learn features.

Friends of the Middleton Public Library

The library wishes to extend a huge thank you to the Friends of the Middleton Public Library for their $30,000 donation to the Next Chapter campaign! This gift provides sponsorship of the Friends Community Room in the lower level, a new meeting room that will be available for library and community events. Thanks to everyone in the community who has supported the Friends over the years through book sale purchases, membership, and volunteer support - you helped make this incredible gift possible!

"Our Friends members know that this investment in the Next Chapter project will be paid back in a thousand ways every year—with smiles on children’s faces, the sincere appreciation of the hard-working staff, and the satisfaction of knowing we make a difference to one of our community’s most vitally important institutions." - Karen Natoli, Friends of Middleton Public Library

The Paulisse Family

"Libraries are an important part of shaping the lives of individuals and the community. Growing up I would hang out at the library with friends and it helped foster my love of reading. Early on as a parent, I would visit the library frequently to attend events for our young child, and to support literacy for our family. Now, I support the Middleton Public Library as a Library Board Member and our family supports the library through charitable giving because I believe in growing our community and our library's mission in serving our community. I am excited to help develop the Next Chapter of the Middleton Public Library. I encourage you to join me in supporting our Middleton Public Library. We appreciate any support to help continue to make the library an awesome place for our community!" -Marybeth Paulisse

Join our community in thanking the Paulisse Family and everyone who has contributed to the Next Chapter campaign!