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Contact: Brian Miles
(608) 205-8813 • @techguykms

Brian Miles is a Computer Technology Teacher and Technology Integrator in the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District. His passion lies in finding new ways to use technology for learning and exploring.

3D Printer Information

Our 3D printer was aquired with a grant for use with our media maker classes.  Is is being used for these instructional classes and is not available for general public use at this time.

We chose the Ultimaker2 printer, due to its top reviews, ability to use a variety of material, including biodegradable plant-based PLA plastic, and best of all - it is one of the quietest printers.

The printer prints a computer generated 3D file; which is created with software, scanned with a 3D scanner, or simply downloaded from a website. The printer prints the object in layers or "slices" from a thin layer of 410ºF melted plastic.  There are fans next to the nozzle to cool the plastic after it extrudes, and the platform bed is heated, helping the object stick and hold steady.  The thinner the layer, the better quality or "resolution" the object - but will take longer to print.  As we are demonstrating the printer, we typically have the printer printing at a high resolution, 40 microns, and at a slower, steadier horizontal speed of 50 mm/s, so it can be seen in action in our lobby.

There are plenty of 3D file repositories on the web we have used, including Thingiverse and YouMagine.  We are experimenting with a Sense 3D scanner, and there is a free app called 123D Catch that allows you to create a 3D scan using a series of pictures taken with a phone or webcam.  There are also a lot of free 3D editing apps; we have used MeshLab, MeshMixer, and Microsoft's 3D Builder, to create and modify 3D files.

The Middleton Media Maker Lab was created in partnership with the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. The Middleton Media Maker Lab is made possible with a grant from the Monsanto Fund.