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Tales and TravelThe Tales and Travel program is an Interactive Literacy Presentation for those living with dementia.

There are two ways to use this virtual Tales and Travel program:
1. You can just listen and follow along as the narrative is read to you or
2. You, or your partner, can turn down the volume and use the controls to pause the video so that you can read the narrative out loud yourself. You might also want to talk with your partner about what you are seeing or about any memories that come to mind.

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Behind the Scenes at ETC
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the award-winning design and build of ETC s latest addition to its headquarters building located right here in Middleton. Presented by Cindy Rhyner.

Creative Bug Crafting
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Join us as we explore and learn how to use the NEW database Creative Bug. This database is all about crafting. Use it to get ideas, patterns, watch video classes, and be able to save them in one place to get back to when you need it. If you are looking for some make-it-yourself gift ideas, this will help you out this holiday season!

Library Database Tour
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Join us as we take a tour of the online databases that are accessible with your Middleton library card. We have so many resources that are right at your finger tips.

Fall and Winter Birding
Presented by Caitlyn Schuchhardt from Madison Audubon
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Are you looking for a new outdoor activity this fall and winter? Give birding a try! While some birds head further south during fall migration, others arrive to spend the winter. Join Caitlyn Schuchhardt from Madison Audubon to learn about the wide variety of birds you can find in south-central Wisconsin during the fall and winter seasons. She ll also share some tips for beginning birders and some popular fall and winter birding destinations in our region.

Photo Editing with Pixlr
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Join us as we learn to do basic editing of photos on this free website resource. Features on Pixlr Editor rival those of other photoshop software. Learn to change photo colors, edit blemishes, edit out objects, and more.

Spotting Fake News Online
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Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between news that's well researched and news that's false or misleading on the internet. In this presentation you'll learn techniques for evaluating the credibility of news stories online and learn the importance of getting information from multiple reliable sources.

Project Home Saving Energy in Your Home
Presented by Brendon Shoemaker
Understand your house as a system as we examine common sources of energy loss and how air sealing and insulation work together to improve energy efficient and comfort. Also discuss simple upgrades you can take that are proven cost effective energy savers.

Easy Food Preserving: Canning-Free
Presented by Megan Cain
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Preserving food doesn t have to be difficult or take a lot of time. And if you think canning is the only option this workshop is for you! Learn the quickest and easiest ways to preserve vegetables, fruits, and herbs so you can enjoy food from your garden all year round, how to use your basement, fridge and freezer to store food, which foods give you the most bang for your buck, and delicious recipes to highlight your preserved food.

Virtual Tales and Travels: Let's Visit Door County!
The Tales and Travel program is an Interactive Literacy Presentation for those living with dementia. There are two ways to use this virtual Tales and Travel program:
1. You can just listen and follow along as the narrative is read to you or
2. You, or your partner, can turn down the volume and use the controls to pause the video so that you can read the narrative out loud yourself. You might also want to talk with your partner about what you are seeing or about any memories that come to mind.

Hidden in Plain Sight: the Native American Cultural Landscape
Presented by Aaron Bird Bear
In using place-based experiential learning, we can explore the revolving relationship between Indians and non-Indians in the development of campus buildings and landmarks over time. We can examine and interrogate Indigenous landmarks created between 700 and 2500 years ago. In interpreting the significance of the landmarks, we can provide an overview of American Indian history leading us to a greater awareness of modern Indigenous nations and peoples.

Mango Languages
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Join us as we learn how to create a free account, navigate, and use Mango Languages. This is an online language-learning system for help learning languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian, Russian and more.

Voting During a Pandemic--Casting Your Vote and Making it Count
Presented by Professor David Canon
Professor Canon will talk about many of the issues concerning the elections this fall: will the voting system be able to handle the increased volume of mailed ballots? Is voter fraud a problem with mailed votes? Can President Trump change the date of the election? What about the \ faithless electors\ in the Electoral College? There also will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Using Consumer Reports
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Learn to explore and learn how to use the Consumer Reports database. Use it to compare products such a washing machines, dryers, fans, cars, and much more!

The Dangers and Possibilities of Political Rhetoric
Presented by Professor Daniel Kapust
Politics, for better or worse, is about talking. Candidates seeking office, office holders advancing policies, pundits trying to influence opinion, citizens sharing their views with their representatives: political speech is all around us. Yet even though speech is intimately connected to the promise of politics in America, political speech is brings dangers as well. This presentation focuses on the dangers and possibilities of political rhetoric, focusing especially on its place in democratic politics.

Web Tools For Great Reads
Do you need help finding a new book? We will look at one of our databases, Novelist Plus, and some others that are web based resources. They can be used to help recommend new books to read!

Beyond the Left Right Divide
Presented by Professor Michael Wagner
This talk will describe how what we think of as the contemporary political divide in the United States is far more complicated than it appears in the typical red state-blue state coverage we see in the news media.

Truth, Trust, and the Future of Journalism Ethics
Presented by Professor Kathleen Culver
In an era of declining trust and so-called fake news, where can citizens turn for information to make the decisions that affect their lives? How can news media work to restore faith in neutral coverage in the face of increasing partisanship and vitriol? Professor Kathleen Culver will discuss where we are, how we got here, and where we all may head next.

Preserving History with StoryCorps
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Join us as we learn about StoryCorps. StoryCorps mission is to preserve and share humanity s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. By using the StoryCorps app and StoryCorps Connect, you can interview family, friends, or community members about events in their life and in the community. This gives everyone a voice and allows them to share their story. We will explore how to use these wonderful tools to help preserve our local history in the community of Middleton.

How Math Corrodes Democracy But Might Still Save It
Presented by Professor Jordan Ellenberg
In most US states, Wisconsin included, legislators draw the boundaries of the districts they are elected from, and thus retain a great deal of personal influence in the outcome of elections. The practice of drawing district lines with the goal of benefiting one political party over the others is called gerrymandering. Learn how computational and political developments have made this a bigger problem than ever before, and how new developments in math are helping fix it.

The Future of the Supreme Court After the Election of 2020
Presented by Professor Howard Schweber
The election of President Trump has led to the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch and the abolition of the filibuster in the Senate for Supreme Court nominations. What will be the likely impact of that appointment on the development of constitutional doctrine, the politics of Supreme Court nominations, and the future of the Court?

Online Genealogy Tools
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Access to genealogy databases are available through the library. We will look at Ancestry, Heritage Quest, and others, as well as learn some BASIC tips and skills to search and view information to start your genealogy project.

Living a Life of Purpose in Times of Uncertainty by Dr. Christine Whelan
Join Dr. Christine Whelan as she discusses ways we can find purpose and joy in both our workplaces and in our personal lives during these uncertain times.

The State of the Presidential Election in WI and Beyond
Presented by Professor Barry Burden
What does a political scientist think about the 2020 presidential election? Professor Burden will offer an analysis of the Democratic presidential nomination and the November general election. The presentation will illuminate the ways that the current campaign reflects and deviates from previous election cycles and what factors are likely to drive the results in Wisconsin and across the country.

Reading With Libby
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Join us for step-by-step instructions on how to download free library eBooks and audiobooks on your tablet. We ll show you how to download the Libby app, search for books, and download them to your device. Users of Android and Apple tablets welcome, the app is not yet available for Kindle Fire.

Cultivate a Healthy Mind by Dr. Pelin Kesebir
This talk will focus on the qualities characterizing a healthy mind such as optimism and mindfulness. Based on the latest research, Dr. Kesebir will share practical tips to learn to better manage our thoughts and emotions, so that we can become more resilient and live more fulfilled lives.