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Tales and TravelThe Tales and Travel program is an Interactive Literacy Presentation for those living with dementia.

There are two ways to use this virtual Tales and Travel program:
1. You can just listen and follow along as the narrative is read to you or
2. You, or your partner, can turn down the volume and use the controls to pause the video so that you can read the narrative out loud yourself. You might also want to talk with your partner about what you are seeing or about any memories that come to mind.

Click here to see the video playlists.

Using Consumer Reports Online
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Join us as we explore and learn how to use the Consumer Reports database. Use it to compare products such a washing machines, dryers, fans, cars, and much more!

Streaming FREE with Hoopla
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Hoopla is a digital media lending service for libraries. Users sign up with an email address, password, and library card information, and Hoopla gives them access to their local library's collection of digital titles of ebooks, audiobooks, comics, music, movies, and TV.

Online Genealogy Tools
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Access to genealogy databases are available through the library. We will look at Ancestry, Heritage Quest, and others, as well as learn some BASIC tips and skills to search and view information to start your genealogy project.

WI Cocktails
Presented by Jeanette Hurt

Web Tools for Great Reads
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Do you need help finding a new book? We will look at one of our databases, Novelist Plus, and some others that are web based resources. They can be used to help recommend new books to read!

Contemporary US Asylum, Refugee, and Immigration Policy
Presented by Dr. Sara McKinnon

AtoZDatabases Workshop
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Search millions of business and resident listings in the United States with this powerful, easy-to-use directory. Download records in Excel or other formats for easy business marketing or personal address lists.

Reading with Libby
Join us for step-by-step instructions on how to download free library eBooks and audio books on your tablet. We ll show you how to download the Libby app, search for books, and download them to your device. Users of Android and Apple tablets welcome, the app is not yet available for Kindle Fire.

How Asian Americans Have Fought for Better Representation
Presented by Professor Lori Kido Lopez

Learning Pinterest
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Pinterest is a website that collects and shares web images, simply it operates as a place to bookmark/collect items. We will cover creating an account, learn to navigate the page, how to make and use boards, and learn what pinning is.

Basic Household Plumbing
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Presented by Project Home
Ever had problems replacing a toilet, sink or faucet? Learn the basics, the importance of the right tools and things to look out for. Also receive info on how to deal with drain problems and maintain your drainage system.

Spring and Summer Birding
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Presented by Caitlyn Schuchhardt

Spring and summer are on their way and Wisconsin s woods, prairies, and wetlands are waking up with the color and song of returning birds. Join Caitlyn Schuchhardt from Madison Audubon to learn about the variety of spring migrants you might find, from small colorful warblers to majestic wading birds. She ll also share some tips about getting started with birding and a list of must-visit destinations to make the most of your spring and summer birding adventures.

Reading Newspapers Online
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Join us as we take a look at the newspaper resources Middleton Library provides online for all to use. If you haven't been able to read certain papers because of the pandemic, you can find it online free to read!

Magazines For Your Tablet
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Read your favorite magazines on your tablet for free by using your library card! We have two great databases available to Middleton Public Library cardholders. We will learn how to use both Flipster and Overdrive Magazines and search for your favorites.

Your Garden Can Feed You All Year Long
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Presented by Megan Cain

With the right planning you can eat food from your garden all year long. This workshop will teach you how to have your earliest harvest ever in spring, keep the momentum going in summer through succession planting, and have a robust fall garden that feeds you all the way to holiday gatherings. Using simple techniques, you can extend the fruits of your labor into more months of the year so you re getting the most food possible from your garden.