Recommendation for Purchase Form
  This form is for recommending an item to be added to Middleton Public Library's collection.

This is NOT the form to request or reserve and item for yourself.  You can do this via our Inter -Library Loan page here.

Please check LINKcat first to make sure your item is not available in Middleton's collection already.

The Middleton Public Library welcomes your suggestions for new items to add to our collection.
Because of the large number of recommendations we receive, it is not possible to buy every requested item or respond individually to each suggestion.

We do not have a system that allows us to keep track of requests in order to place holds on them when they arrive; please check LINKcat or speak to a librarian in order to see if your title is in the system - thanks!

Please provide all of the information you know about the item you are recommending.


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Date of Publication:   

Intended Audience (adult, teen, child):  

Format (check one please): Book   Large Print Book  DVD   Bluray   Music CD   Audiobook on CD

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