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       Great professors sharing their favorite lectures

The library is pleased to host a lecture series called Scholar’d for Life, a collaboration between the library and the UW-Madison Speaker's Bureau.

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Video of Event held on March 9th 2017  *due to audio issues, closed captions have been added.
The first lecture of 2017 in the library's ongoing 'Scholar'd for Life' series! "Putin's Russia" offers a historian's perspective on Russia's recent turn to an assertive foreign policy and more authoritarian rule at home. The talk offers several perspectives on this behavior and the challenges it presents to West, to Putin's government and to citizens of the Russian Federation.

Video of Event held on May 11th 2017
Kathy Cramer, professor in the Department of Political Science at UW-Madison and Director of the Morgridge Center for Public Service, discusses her 2016 book, The politics of Resentment : Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker.


Video of Event held on June 22nd 2017
UW-Madison philosophy professor Steven Nadler discusses how Jewish philosophers over the centuries have confronted the problem of theodicy and struggled to reconcile the existence of a benevolent, all-powerful God with the reality of evil in the world.

Video of Event held on September 21st 2017
Professor Albert will talk about how engineers use math to solve problems and design better systems. She will provide an overview of her discipline of operations research and advanced analytics and will discuss its wide ranging applications, focusing on examples from her research that address problems in homeland security, emergency response, and bracketology.

Video of Event held on November 2nd 2017
John Dunne from the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds (CIHM) at UW-Madison speaks about their interdisciplinary approach to the study of mindfulness in a lecture entitled "Awareness without Fixation: the Benefits of Mindfulness in Everyday Life."


Video of Event held on Feburary 22nd 2018
Professor McCoy will present a lecture related to his new book, In the Shadow of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power.


Video of Event held on September 13th 2018
Professor Laird Boswell, an expert in the history of modern France, presents a lecture entitled "The New European Terrorism in Historical Perspective."




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